My name is Justyna and I am passionate about the powerful therapeutic applications of yoga. 

Just a little bit of background about me... I hold a degree in Economics and worked within the pharmaceutical industry in London for many years prior to embarking on a life-changing decision to change career. Yoga was my escape when I felt caught up with work, when I was stressed, when I felt overloaded, when I suffered a debilitating physical injury and when I needed to re-balance my emotions. It worked wonders. 

The benefits gained from my yoga practice fueled my curiosity to learn more and led me to complete a yoga foundation course. I then moved on to complete a yoga teacher training course with a specific focus on yoga therapy. I feel passionately about improving quality of life using yoga as my tool and would love to share what I have learnt with you.

Whether you need to re-balance your emotions, rehabilitate an injury, escape stress or simply stretch your body, yoga will invite healing and transformation into your life which extends beyond your yoga mat.

I look forward to practising yoga with you.